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Tea plantation – facts behind it:

Man discovered tea in its wild form around five thousand years ago. It was in China. As there was no organized tea plantation, tea was hitherto unknown to other parts of the world. However this was not true for Assam and few other regions in South East Asia. The people there  had some knowledge about tea. Wild tea trees grew in these areas.

With time tea gained popularity as a beverage in Europe. As the popularity of tea was incresing, it became more and more difficult for the Europeans to meet the ever increasing demand of tea. The only source was China during those days. It was a total monopoly. So the British and the Dutch started exploring places suitable for tea plantation to overcome this monopoly situation.

A new era in tea plantation

This adventure ultimately succeeded. Tea plantation started in Assam under the East India Company. Since then, plantation of tea is spreading into newer areas in the world. Now tea industry is revolutionized. More and more areas in the world is now under tea cultivation. Adoption of modern techniques based on modern research in the production, use of new cultivars and varieties has brought in a new era in the field of tea cultivation. These factors have increased the quality and quantity of production.

New generation of tech savvy growers have entered the industry. They are bringing in a remarkable difference to the market. They have introduced various types of handmade specialty teas which are grown in an organic or natural way. So options to the tea lovers are now pretty much wide. So let’s have a glimpse of the latest tea scenario. Let us know about the countries that are the biggest tea exporters and producers, tea growing areas in India, how to do tea plant management for maximum productivity, managing tea garden soils, tea plant and harvesting seasons etc.

Guide to your Destination-

Tea exporters and tea growing countries – the top 15:

Many of us know China, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka are the top tea exporters and producers in the world. But…….

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Tips for tea plant management for a healthy plantation

The tea plant management is a most important aspect of tea plantation. Tea is a medium type tree if it is allowed to grow naturally. Tea of…..

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What is tea pruning and skiffing?

By pruning, parts of a plant like the branches, roots or buds are selectively removed.  Tea pruning is a horticultural practice widely used in tea plantation. This process helps…….

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Tips for management of tea garden soils

In plantations whether new or existing, tea plants are supposed to be a perennial crop. It lasts for at least …….

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Know about the tea growing areas in India

The most prominent among the tea growing areas in India is Assam. It produces the most famous Assam tea brand. Assam region is……

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Tea plant variety  and harvesting season

The plant has two main species. In botanical terminology they are known as  a. Camellia sinensis var. sinensis and b. Camellia sinensis var. assamica. These names……

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