The Tea Industry of Assam – Origin and Development

– the most authentic book on Assam’s tea industrythe tea industry of Assam - a book by Dr. Pradip Baruah

This is the first and only exclusive analytical book on the tea industry of Assam. As can be seen, the author Dr. Pradip Baruah sincerely tried to give a  thorough account of Assam’s tea industry, which is more than one and a half century old. With the vast experience on tea research, and also, as an industry insider, Dr. Baruah has  presented an in-depth analytical study on the tea industry in Assam. And at the same time, successfully covering the whole period, from its inception in 1823 to 2006.
The first edition of this book finished within a very short period due to the unprecedented response of the reader. Hence, this is the second edition of the book.

What does this book covers:

The book uniquely covers all areas on the tea industry of Assam like:
  • History of tea
  • Origin and analysis of area, production and productivity
  • Employment and productivity of tea garden labors
  • Tea plant, soil and climate
  • Quality parameters and factors affecting quality tea production
  • Marketing of Assam tea
  • Contribution of tea industry to economy of Assam
  • Problems and prospects
  • Tea growing states of India and countries of the world
  • Policy measures and recommendations for development
In the 10 chapters in this book, spread over more than three hundred pages, there are mines of valuable knowledge.  So, after reading this book, you can learn about:
  • the origin of Assam tea,
  • development of Assam tea,
  • marketing of Assam tea,
  • contribution of the tea industry to the economy of Assam,
  • quality parameters of Assam tea, tea garden workers
  • role of small tea growers and tea auction center etc.
All in all, you will get many invaluable information on the tea industry not only of Assam but also of India and the world. To sum it up, the book is a must for anyone wishing to know about tea industry in general and Assam tea in particular.
Pages: 320
Weight: 1414 Gm
Binding: Hard Cover
ISBN13: 9789380261362
Price per copy: INR 1995 (free shipping in India)
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