The black tea benefits – that you overlooked before

I loved black tea from my childhood. Its strong brew kept me fresh and rejuvenated  during  my long study hours while I was a student. Its unique astringent taste and aroma was like a soothing music to me. That said, I was never sure if it was good for the health or not. Now I feel sorry for doubting black tea.  It was due to my ignorance. I felt that way because I, may be you too, was not aware of the black tea benefits.

Obviously I had a strong preference for black tea. Yet I never rated it above green or white tea when health issues mattered. In fact I occasionally suggested in my friend circles – if  you want pure fun and enjoyment, then black tea has no parallel. But if you want health, go for green and forget black. But things begin to change when I started writing this article. As I started my research on black tea, with new information pouring in, it began  to dawn on me – ‘wow, black is also beautiful!’ As I delved deeper into the subject, I started to enjoy my cup of black tea even more. I began to enjoy it fully without any inhibitions, without any fear! That is what I want to share with you.

black tea benefits - image of a candle light tea partyIs black tea really good?

Many among us who prefer black tea but ignorant of its benefits, sometimes may wonder as I once did, – ‘Am I doing justice to my body?’ We see large publicity in favor of green tea, and almost none that favors black. Most people, including myself until I did the research recently, are not much aware of the black tea benefits, mostly because it is not published much. But cheer up – publicity or no publicity – your preferred cup of black tea has tons of benefits. If not better than the green tea, black tea in no way is inferior to green tea either. So start enjoying your preferred cup of black tea with eyes closed, even before you read the lines below!

Some of the black tea benefits:black tea benefits - orthodox tea leves

Unique benefits from TF and TR

The dark color and distinctive stimulating astringent flavor of black tea comes from theaflavins (TF) and thearubigins (TR). These polyphenols are nothing but the abundantly found catechins in green tea although in different avatars. Catechins are transformed into TF and TR when they (catechins)  react with the enzymes present in the leaves during the oxidation process. Oxidation is a must yet unique process needed to produce black tea. A whole world of benefits available from TF and TR are that they:

  • can block toxic effect of tetanus toxin.
  • protect against inflammatory bowel disease
  • have anti-clastogenic effects (Clastogenic – microscopically visible damage or changes to chromosomes.)
  • have anti-oxidative properties– inhibit free radical generation, scavenge free radicals, and chelate transition metal ions and reduce the risk of cancer
  • protect against skin and prostate cancer
  • help to fight against chronic myeloid leukemia
  • a potent anti HIV-1 compound. Theaflavins in black tea can block HIV-1 virus entry to body tea benefits - masala chai with milk

Other benefits of black tea:

Great eye opener –

Black tea contains less than half the amount of caffeine than coffee. This amount is a bit more than the caffeine content in green tea. Thus black tea works as the eye opener cup in the morning. It is also capable of injecting extra dose of instant energy when we are low in energy.

Good for your heart –

Black tea can control the level of blood sugar and bad cholesterol favorably. The 15 year-long study done at Netherland’s ‘National Institute of Public Health and the Environment’ found that there is a correlation between regular consumption of black tea and reducedblack tea benefits - a healty couple sharing tea risk of stroke. This opinion has been validated by the study done by Dr. Joseph Vita at Boston’s School of Medicine. As per Dr. Vita “The study demonstrated that drinking black tea reverses endothelial dysfunction which is believed to contribute importantly to the development of cardiovascular disease.”  Another study taken over three thousand people in Saudi Arabia found that regular consumption black tea can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by fifty percent.

Great for oral health –

The polyphenols and tannin unique to black tea act as antibiotics by inhibiting the germs responsible for tooth decay. Again fluoride available both in green and black tea helps us to fight bad breath. It also prevents plaque formation and cavities and keeps our oral health in good shape.tea benefits - cup with pot

Eliminate free radicals –

Polyphenols in black tea can eliminate free radicals. Thus it protects our body cells and tissues from oxidative stress. The antioxidant capacity of plasma increases after consumption of black tea in medium doses.

Good for many ailments –

Studies on black tea suggest that it can positively affect the occurrence of some common diseases like osteoporosis, gastritis etc.

Increase body immunity –

Regular intake of black tea adds to our body’s immunity. Due to the rich presence of antioxidants, it can retard the aging process. To some extent it also can reduce some of the old age related complexities .

Good for skin and hair – black tea benefits - a with beautiful hair and skin enjoying tea

Because of the presence of vitamins B2, C and E, minerals like magnesium, potassium and zinc, and of course the essential polyphenols, black tea can benefit our skin immensely.  It can contribute to our hair care program. Black tea soaked boiled water if applied locally (use only when cooled), adds extra shine, luster and darkness to the hair. Black tea could be used as a natural dyeing agent too.

Okay, for now this is all. There are even many more black tea benefits but it is not possible to cover all in this article. If want to know more about black tea, read Black Tea Manufacturing.