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The main aim of this site is to take care of the publicity and marketing needs of the of small tea growers. Our endeavor is to provide a reliable channel for sale for their products. We also want to tap the knowledge and expertise of the tea experts available in this large tea growing area and share it for the benefit of all the stakeholders.

Assam’s tea industry

As you may know, Assam is the single largest tea growing region in the world. It has the distinction of having wild tea plants. Some of its tribes had the age old tradition of manufacturing and drinking tea. Commercial cultivation of tea started in Assam from early 1840 s with the active involvement of the British. Now the area under tea plantation in Assam is around 3220 square kilometers. This is well above twice the size of NCR Delhi or four and half times the size of Singapore.

Role of small tea growers

There are around 825 large tea gardens in Assam. Though they produce most of the CTC The rest of the production is done by the small tea growers. A garden with an area below 10.12 hectare is termed as a small garden in India. There are 68,465 small tea gardens in Assam as per government record. In reality the figure could be twice of the official count. Most of these small tea growers started tea cultivation in the last three decades.

The small tea gardens are covering an area of around 1170 sq. kilometers. This is approximately one third of the total area under tea cultivation in Assam. However, this figure increasing each year. There are more than one hundred thousand plus small growers in Assam. Approximately around 87 per cent of them possess land that is less than 3 acres. However with hard labor and better personalized care, they are producing around 40% of the total tea harvest in Assam.

Challenges before the small growers

These hard working entrepreneurs are facing lots of challenges. They have to struggle very hard to earn a decent livelihood. Most of them have land ownership issues, as the land they are using are govt. land. They have the problem of inadequate resource, lack of marketing and business skill or experience to mention a few.  Most of the growers do not have facility to process the tea leaves on their own. Hence, they have to sell the leaves to bigger gardens with manufacturing facility or a standalone factory called BLF (Bought Leaf Factory). Here too, they have to fight for getting due price for their green leaves.

Our objective

We salute the new generation of young tea growers. They are greatly contributing to the economy of the region. They are successfully providing direct or indirect livelihood to a whopping two million people. Myassamtea is providing a platform through which the products of these remotely located tea growers is being sold. This is to ensure that they get their due share for the blood and sweat they have invested. Here you will find great quality rare teas produced by these growers  at a very reasonable price. You shall be able to contribute to the noble cause of empowerment of the tea grower community. However, we are in a process of bringing as many growers as possible to this platform and add to the variety of available products.

Assam’s pool of tea experts

Assam also possess the unique distinction of being the single largest region for tea production in the world. Not to mention that it is also housing a large pool of qualified and experienced tea experts packed within the range of a small geographic area. They are in a position to answer questions and offer solution to various problems related to tea. We will work together to tap their expertise and see that it can be used for the good of the community and the tea industry.

One humble acknowledgement:

The information contained in this website is collected from various sources, own experience and research. We have taken utmost care to keep them correct and authentic. With ongoing research and study, new information is pouring in with every passing day and as a result, there is always scope for improvement. And, at myassamtea, we are committed to offer the best as well as the latest to our readers.

We understand, for a particular matter or product, many different processes, ideas, methods may be used to suit different regions, climates, cultures, peoples, tastes. Hence we are always open, receptive and respectful to all of them. We are ready to correct any discrepancy if and whenever pointed out. Your active co-operation and involvement with valuable feedback, suggestions and ideas are most welcome in this regard. We wish to work together to make this site more useful and meaningful and your feedback will be used as a guidance for improvement of myassamtea.

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