Enjoy the sublime taste of unique Assam teas. Get the specialty handmade teas from the small growers in Assam, the largest tea hub in the world, and update your tea funda from the large pool of tea experts.

assam tea - one variety is purple tea
Purple tea commercially grown in Kenya was originally found in Assam garden is  known for its health benefits. Know more at purple tea.
phalap assam teaThe traditional and handmade varieties of Assam tea like the Singpho phalap are special for their exclusiveness. Read more at Best Assam Tea..
a cup of black assam teaYour preferred cup of black tea known for its strong, malty, astringent taste and aroma, has tons of benefits. Know more at Benefits of Black Tea
production of assam tea


“Teas vary as much in appearance as the different faces of men” –     Hui-tsung    
Yes, there is little doubt in it. There are innumerable varieties and sub varieties, grades like black, white, green or CTC, dust or Assam tea, Ceylone tea etc. – you just name it! To keep you updated, the articles in this section are being prepared to cover various types of tea, special handcrafted teas of Assam, how they are made, grading of tea and other facts related to most areas of tea production.


Five thousand years since its discovery in its wild form in China, now tea is the second most popular drink in the world. With adoption of modern techniques, both quality and quantity of tea production has increased. With increasing number of tea growers producing various types of handmade specialty teas, options before the tea lovers are now very broad. So it is not a bad idea to keep your tea funda updated. Know the techniques behind tea plantation …
assam tea plant with tender buds
A cup full of tea - green tea benefits


“Tea is quiet and our thirst for tea is never far from our craving for beauty”– James Norwood Pratt.
Want to read some more tea quotes? You know that green tea is beneficial to us; but how? Does black tea do any good to our health? To read more quotes, resourceful articles on the benefits of tea, tips on how to make a good cup of tea, or to know about the world’s oldest tea research institute please go through the pages here in resource.
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